Calista Hainenen performing at Laura Days in Pepin Wisconsin Sept 13, 2014
Gilmore Lee and Dan Radford in the Trick-Fiddle division Laura Days in PepinFiddling in the Barn

MSFA workshop at MBOTMA by John Wallace and Gilmore Lee

Clawhammer Mike -
George and LaJean listen to "Clawhammer" Mike and Anabel Sanford Wirt talk about the Minnesota Fiddle Tune Project. 

Annabel_Workshop  - SloJammers Lee, Tim, Walt, Scott, Frances and LaJean learn "Steamboat Quickstep"

Eric Christopher did a terrific job teaching two tunes from his CD "In the Quiet Night." Here is the video for the tune he wrote called Jeanne Marie. 

Here is the video for the tune Mississippi Palisades that Eric taught.  Both the faster tempo and the slower, learning tempo are in this video. 

As promised, Eric has transcribed the two tunes that he taught;  they can be retrieved from his website at 

Here is "Mississippi Palisades" as played by Chirps Smith, the Illinois fiddler who originally wrote the tune. 
Minnesota Fiddlers
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